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Rexnord Classic Idlers Product Upgrade Sheet
Upgraded box quantities for Rexnord components
Rexnord 1275-1285 Series MatTop Chain Upgrade
Rexnord 390 Series MatTop Chain


Rexnord News and Events
New 1873 Gripper Chains K325 - K450 (Pag 98-99-100)

Rexnord FlatTop introduces new version of gripper chains with width of 3.25” (82,5mm) and 4.50” (114,3mm). These new products are the answer to the need for more compact design of conveyors. These chains will take advantage from HP™ and PS™ material to improve low friction properties as well as high speed capability.

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Rexnord® TableTop & MatTop Catalogue 2010

Rexnord is pleased to present the 2010 TableTop & MatTop Catalogue. The catalogue contains many new innovative products including, 60-series HB with hardened Pins, 66-series XHB, SR 2000 MatTop chain for pasteurizers, DKA-Material for Plastic TableTop & MatTop, Magnetflex Combi Tubular Returnpart, 1775 Zerogap chain, 2010 Integrated SideRail (ISR) and may other new products. The catalogues is available in 5 languages including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

S0587-633-655 product available until selling out

As part of a product rationalization, it has been decided that the Part.S0587-633-655 run out of production .For application that utilized Part.S0587-633-655 it is recommended to use New Part.S0786

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S0141 product available until selling out

As part of a product rationalization, it has been decided that the Part.S0141 run out of production .For application that utilized Part.S0141 it is recommended to use Part.S0280

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Rexnord® Chain Evaluation Service

Rexnord is pleased to present our Chain Evaluation Service for Pasteurizers, Wamers & Coolers. The Rexnord Chain Evaluation Service is a laboratory inspection service of chain samples taken out of the Pasteurizer chain in order to determine the condition of the chain. The laboratory inspection consists of yield strength testing and analysis of the fatigue strength data. This analysis gives insight in the current chain condition and the extrapolated lifetime. All data is made available in a detailed report. It is advisable to evaluate the condition of the Pasteurizer chain on a yearly base.

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Rexnord® Magnetflex® Tubular Corner Return

The Rexnord® Magnetflex® system has become the worldwide standard in the beverage industry. To ensure the chain surface of plastic TableTop chains remains in perfect condition in high speed and abrasive applications, Rexnord has developed a special Non Marking stainless steel tubular return which reduces abrasive wear of the chain top surface. The result is that the chain surface will remain in perfect condition over a long period of time.

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8503 LBP™ MatTop® Chain

Rexnord® HT8503 Accumulation MatTop® Chain is the newest addition to its comprehensive line of highstrength, low-backline pressure (LBP), transfer-efficient case and material handling conveying chains designed specifically for accumulating and gapping applications.

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Rexnord® Run Dry – Get the Facts first

Rexnord is pleased to present new Literature related to dry-running conveyors. In many industries, conveyors have been running dry successfully for over 20 years using Rexnord superior materials such as the patented XL and LF acetal-based materials and, more recently, HP and PS acetal-based materials. Advantages and disadvantages of lubrication alternatives are explained in this document. Get the facts first from our Application Engineering team

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SR 2000-Series USP MatTop® Chain

Rexnord is pleased to present the new SR 2000-series MatTop chain, which is designed for applications in Pasteurizers, Wamers & Coolers. This new Super Rib 2000 series Raised Rib belt has a pitch of 2 inch. The Super Rib surface is optimized for PET, Can and Glass bottle handling. The SR 2000-series is offered in USP Ultra Stabilized Polypropylene which has the highest resistance to heat and chemicals present in the pasteurizer. The SR 2000-series includes the Positrack guiding option. Furhermore the SR 2000-series can be combined with the DTS-C system for self clearing pasteurizer in –and outfeed.

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Product Changee: A600 & A1400 Case Conveyor Chains

As part of a product rationalization strategy, it is decided that A600 and A1400 range is discontinued and replaced by the CC600 & CC1400 range

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