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Rexnord Classic Idlers Product Upgrade Sheet
Upgraded box quantities for Rexnord components
Rexnord 1275-1285 Series MatTop Chain Upgrade
Rexnord 390 Series MatTop Chain


Rexnord News and Events
Rexnord Product Upgrade Announcement

The design of the 1265 and 1285 Series Guide Tab on reinforced end module is improved. Surface height of the tab on the outside has been increased, improving tracking of the chain in straight sections.

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Molded Separation Blocks

Improve your operation’s efficiency and profitability with Marbett™ Molded Separation Blocks and low friction Pearl™ Roller Guides. The 852 and 854 Molded Separation Blocks provide consistently smooth contact and gentle transfers for products moving through production lines.

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New TableTop Chain Assembly Tools

Rexnord now offers a wide range of TableTop® chain assembly tools, suitable for most common 1.5” TableTop chains (plastic and metal), heavy-duty and double-hinge metal TableTop chains and the new Rexnord 661 Series Metal TableTop chain. that they continue to provide high performance and overall value to customers.

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Rexnord FlatTop Europe Known Consignor

Rexnord FlatTop is pleased to announce that we have achieved registered status as: Known Consignor in the European (EU) Database. Because of this registration we are able to ship out airfreight shipments without any security check. There for we will have no delay at the European Airports for exporting the goods to any location worldwide.

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Rexnord Product Upgrade Announcement

We have improved the SWH series plastic TableTop® chains by upgrading the classic helical knurl to a new helical knurl pin design.

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Side Guide Adjustment

SGA™ ( Side Guide Adjustment™ ) is a mechanical/pneumatic system that allows an automatic adjustment of the position of the product side guides on the conveying line. SGA™ system uses a standard pneumatic cylinder, with a maximum stroke of 30mm, adjustable to 16 different positions in increments of 2mm. All operating units work in sync placements by air pressure only.

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Part. S0732 Cross clamp with Quick-Set

The new cross clamp has improved quality knobs (better handling), and is provided with a special spring for an easy and quick adjustment of one of the two rods.

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1765 Zerogap

Rexnord FlatTop continuously develops and introduces new products for conveyors. Our current offering in the Rex®, MCC® and Marbett® product lines is frequently reviewed to ensure that our products continue to give the best fit to the needs of our customers and to provide the best value. As part of this process we have decided to equip 1765 Zerogap chain with the same pin used in the Rexnord 1700 and 1720 Series TableTop®.

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NSH 1005 Moulded Sprockets series

Rexnord is pleased to introduce the NSH 1005 sprockets in moulded version. These sprockets feature a Single Keyway system and is assembled using two(M6) hexagonal bolts to make installation more easy. Furthermore the sprockets feature a hygienic design for easy cleaning. The sprockets are available in 13, 14, 15, 16, 18 and 21 teeth with a bore size of Ø40mm

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FT1055TAB-K450 Chainbelt

Rexnord is pleased to introduce the FT1055TAB-K450 Chainbelt. This 4½-inch wide, 12.7-mm thick TAB execution expands the possibilities to use Rexnord sideflexing solutions in combination with the Rexnord straight-running 1005-series and 7705-series plastic MatTop® chains. It combines superior product handling and reliability with the quality of genuine Rexnord XLG and WX plastic materials.

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