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Rexnord Classic Idlers Product Upgrade Sheet
Upgraded box quantities for Rexnord components
Rexnord 1275-1285 Series MatTop Chain Upgrade
Rexnord 390 Series MatTop Chain
Rexnord PSX 1873 RexAthletic Series Gripper Chain


Rexnord News and Events
Platinum Series X (PSX) Material

Rexnord developed LF (Low-Friction) material in the 1970’s to address a “high-speed” conveying concerns. In the 1990’s, line speeds almost doubled and our HP™ (High Performance) material was introduced. Over time, conveyor speeds continue to increase with concerns in sustainability targeting improved safety, productivity, water consumption and reduction and energy savings. The new PSX material addresses these needs and will help to set a sustainable conveyor standard for the future.

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Rexnord Rationalization Announcement 60S22SM & 60S32SM

As a result of improvements in our manufacturing processes, we have decided to remove two “Slideline” chain types from our product offering: 60 S 22 SM and 60 S 32 SM. The chains are replaced by the standard 60-Series executions.

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Rexnord Premium Service

Many customers using Rexnord TableTop and MatTop products are interested in how to increase their chain life and determine when it is time to replace chains. Rexnord Premium Service provides our customers with tools to identify all Rexnord products for each conveyor application including quantities and condition check of each chain, belt, sprocket or curve. This beneficial service will guide customers in preventive maintenance, reduce chain replacement cost and guarantee that the correct items and quantities are in stock in the event of emergency breakdowns.

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Rexnord ULF Wearstrips

ULF material is a specifically formulated UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) with a self lubricating additive package to ensure consistent low-friction resulting in longer service life and lower power consumption.

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Rexnord Combi X Corner Tracks

Introduced in 1979, Rexnord’s Magnetflex® Corner Track System has become the worldwide standard in the beverage industry. The great advantages of this system have made it the choice of world leading OEM’s and end users. Both plastic and steel chains can be used with the Combi System which was introduced years later as an improvement over the original Magnetflex System. Magnets underneath the track hold the chain down in a reliable way. The new Rexnord Combi-X corner tracks use proven ULF™ (Ultra Low- Friction) material profiles to lower friction, noise and wear. An advantage to Combi-X curves is the significant reduction of energy dissipated in the curve, resulting in a 70% reduction of energy consumption compared to traditional Combi curves.

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3D Part Stream by Rexnord

Rexnord TableTop and MatTop chain series, including sprockets and accessories, are now available in 2D and 3D models on our website to download in all standard formats.

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Meet us at drinktec 2013

In 1938, Rexnord invented the world’s first straight running metal TableTop® chain. This innovation inspired new developments in conveyor chain and component design for the global food and beverage industry. This year marks FlatTop’s 75th Year Anniversary of providing innovative products and solutions to our customers.

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BWR TableTop and MatTop Product Announcement

BWX material is designed to provide a long wear life for chains in applications where abrasive particles, like glass and sand, are present. BWX (Black) material replaces the original BWR (Black) material for all TableTop® and MatTop® Series available in the EU catalog. All existing code numbers for chains in BWR material will be converted to BWX.

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WX TableTop and MatTop Series Product Upgrade Announcement

BWX upgraded material is designed to provide a long wear life for chains in applications where abrasive particles, like glass and sand, are present. BWX (Black) material replaces the original WX (Green) material for all TableTop and MatTop Series available in the EU catalog. All existing code numbers for chains in WX material will be converted to BWX. We will convert all WX code numbers to BWX.

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NSH 815 TableTop® sprockets.

The new NSH 815 TableTop® Sprockets are suitable for most common 815 Series and MCC Metal TableTop chains. The NSH 815 sprocket design has a fully rounded structure, resulting in a hygienic design which is easy to clean.

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