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Rexnord PSX 1873 RexAthletic Series Gripper Chain
Rexnord 1040 Series Magnetflex TableTop Chain
Rexnord 1500 Series MatTop Dynamic Nose-over Bar Upgrade
Metpack - 2017
Interpack 2017


Rexnord News and Events
Rexnord Raised Rib Heavy Duty 2000 Series Upgrade Overview

High reliability of conveyor chains and components applied in tunnel pasteurizers, warmers and coolers is key to ensure optimal line productivity. Based upon many years of experience with our MatTop Chains in the most demanding applications, the Raised Rib Heavy-Duty (RRHD) 2000 Series design is now improved with the following key features: New robust 9-inch end modules, which replace the former 3-inch end modules for increased reliability. new marking on the top surface of the belt to determine position of the Positrack guiding lugs, without the need to open the chain and a new red end clip, that ensures optimal pin retention & high visibility.

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DTS-C Transfer Combs Product Upgrade Annoucement

We are pleased to announce improved key features of the combs, making the system adaptable to various conditions. A new state-of-the-art material is used to give the comb optimal flatness, rigidity and dimensional stability in hot and humid temperatures. The new combs will be made in beige to improve visibility of the combs when installed in the machine.

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Rexnord 6990 Series Hybrid MatTop Chain

The 6990 Series Chain is designed for automotive conveyors with high loads or frequent load variation (people movers). The steel structure in the chain creates high stiffness and strength enabling the chain to be used in conveyors with lengths over 328-feet (100m) in applications moving people, vehicles or a combination of the two.

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Rexnord 3180 Series MatTop Chains

The Rexnord 3180 MatTop Series Chain offers a maintenance free chain system widely used in automotive and heavy-duty industrial applications. The 3180 Series Chain offers high strength and stiffness. These attributes provide continuously smooth operation under heavily loaded conditions.

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Meet Us At Interpack 2014

Learn how Rexnord's Engineered Sustainability product offering could help your company to implement economical solutions to run your conveyors more efficiently and environmentally safe at Interpack 2014.

Platinum Series X (PSX) Material

Rexnord developed LF (Low-Friction) material in the 1970’s to address a “high-speed” conveying concerns. In the 1990’s, line speeds almost doubled and our HP™ (High Performance) material was introduced. Over time, conveyor speeds continue to increase with concerns in sustainability targeting improved safety, productivity, water consumption and reduction and energy savings. The new PSX material addresses these needs and will help to set a sustainable conveyor standard for the future.

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Rexnord Rationalization Announcement 60S22SM & 60S32SM

As a result of improvements in our manufacturing processes, we have decided to remove two “Slideline” chain types from our product offering: 60 S 22 SM and 60 S 32 SM. The chains are replaced by the standard 60-Series executions.

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Rexnord Premium Service

Many customers using Rexnord TableTop and MatTop products are interested in how to increase their chain life and determine when it is time to replace chains. Rexnord Premium Service provides our customers with tools to identify all Rexnord products for each conveyor application including quantities and condition check of each chain, belt, sprocket or curve. This beneficial service will guide customers in preventive maintenance, reduce chain replacement cost and guarantee that the correct items and quantities are in stock in the event of emergency breakdowns.

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Rexnord ULF Wearstrips

ULF material is a specifically formulated UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) with a self lubricating additive package to ensure consistent low-friction resulting in longer service life and lower power consumption.

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Rexnord Combi X Corner Tracks

Introduced in 1979, Rexnord’s Magnetflex® Corner Track System has become the worldwide standard in the beverage industry. The great advantages of this system have made it the choice of world leading OEM’s and end users. Both plastic and steel chains can be used with the Combi System which was introduced years later as an improvement over the original Magnetflex System. Magnets underneath the track hold the chain down in a reliable way. The new Rexnord Combi-X corner tracks use proven ULF™ (Ultra Low- Friction) material profiles to lower friction, noise and wear. An advantage to Combi-X curves is the significant reduction of energy dissipated in the curve, resulting in a 70% reduction of energy consumption compared to traditional Combi curves.

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