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Rexnord 1275-1285 Series MatTop Chain Upgrade
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Rexnord News and Events
1500 Series MatTop Dynamic Nose-over Bar

Rexnord now offers a molded dynamic noseover bar for our 1500 Series MatTop Chain. The modular design is offered in 3- and 6-inch widths, and 85- and 170-millimeter widths.

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3120 Series MatTop Chain Universal Bracket

The Rexnord 3120 Series MatTop Chain offering is extended with the universal bracket. Based on a stainless steel robust bracket design, the roller brackets are connected to the plastic link in a robust slot, and locked with a spring-clip. The brackets can be installed and removed within seconds, using a standard screwdriver. Customized rollers can be made on request.

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Rexnord 1005 XLBP Series MatTop Chain

The Rexnord 1005 XLBP Series MatTop Chain is ideal for pack conveyors that require the lowest backline pressure. This design sets a new standard for the beverage industry with a range of safety, performance and energy features and benefits.

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Rexnord Dry-PT Material

As a result of Rexnord’s intensive research and development program to find a solution that addresses the market need to convey PET containers at high speed without external lubrication, we offer customers Rexnord Dry-PT Material. Rexnord Dry-PT Material has proven to be the first plastic chain material to provide the required low friction against PET on a constant level over time, where other plastic chain materials always show a permanent increase of friction level after hours of running.

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Next Generation Combi-X Corner Track System

An advantage of the Rexnord Combi-X Corner Track System is the significant reduction of energy dissipated in the curve, resulting in a 70 percent reduction of energy consumption compared to traditional Combi curves. Rexnord offers unlimited curve solutions because Rexnord Combi-X Corner Track System upper parts are completely made from ULF material. This allows any possible curve design with the superior benefits of the ULF material.

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Rexnord 6990 ESD4 Series MatTop Chain

For automotive applications with shorter conveyors that require Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) performance, Rexnord has developed the 6990 ESD4 Series MatTop Chain that is completely made from plastic.

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Rexnord 1553 LBP MatTop Chain

Designed specifically for today’s demanding tray-less conveying and accumulating applications, the Rexnord 1553 Low Backline Pressure (LBP) MatTop Chain is the latest addition to our comprehensive line of high-strength, transfer-efficient, conveying chain. The chain is ideal for smaller case, material and package handling applications.

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Rexnord 1020 Series MatTop Chain

The Rexnord 1020 Series MatTop Chain offers an all-around one-inch (25.4 millimeters) pitch modular chain solution for automotive floor conveyors. The 1020 Series MatTop Chain is developed for use in vehicle and people moving automotive applications.

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Meet Us At Brau Beviale 2015

Meet us in hall 7A, Stand 425 at BrauBeviale 2015 and discover what cost saving benefits Rexnord’s Engineered Sustainability product program could offer your company by improving operational safety, efficiency and productivity.

Rexnord MatTop Chain Evaluation Service

The Rexnord MatTop Chain Evaluation Service helps customers improve the lifetime of Rexnord Chain and minimize the risk of unscheduled downtime in a pasteurizer, warmer or cooler application.

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