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Rexnord Classic Idlers Product Upgrade Sheet
Upgraded box quantities for Rexnord components
Rexnord 1275-1285 Series MatTop Chain Upgrade
Rexnord 390 Series MatTop Chain


Rexnord News and Events
Rexnord Chain Guide Profiles Standard Box Quantity Upgrade

Rexnord now offers an upgraded standard box quantity for a selection of our Rexnord Chain Guide Profiles. This upgrade will be effective as of February 2017.

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Rexnord 1001-84MM Series MatTop Chain

Rexnord 1001-84MM Series MatTop Chain is designed with excellent flatness to support even the most critical beverage container shapes and materials, such as PET bottles. The chain is available in two surface executions: flat top (closed top) and fl ush grid (perforated top) and is available in Rexnord engineered plastics: XLG, PSX®, DRY-PT®, HP™ and DKA.

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Flame Retardant Low Friction (FRPLUS) Material

Provides low friction and is flame retardant for container conveying applications. Rexnord FlatTop continuously develops solution-oriented, innovative conveyor chain and components to meet the increasing performance demands of high-speed and mass-flow metal containers in the can manufacturing industry. Our Rexnord Flame Retardant Low Friction (FRPLUS) Material for MatTop Chain provides low friction, is flame retardant, and more, for your aluminum and steel can manufacturing operation.

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Meet us at BrauBeviale 2016

Meet us in hall 7A, Stand 425 at BrauBeviale 2016 and discover what cost saving benefits Rexnord’s Engineered Sustainability product program could offer your company by improving operational safety, efficiency and productivity.

Rexnord Side Mounting Top Bracket Part S0199

Rexnord has upgraded the design of the Side Mounting Top Bracket Part S0199. The design of the bracket has been adjusted to make it more suitable for conveyors placed under an angle of inclination. At the same time, the design is made more hygienic thanks to smoother and rounder surfaces.

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Low Friction Abrasion Resistant (DKA) Material

Mitigated chain wear and elongation for increased uptime with container conveying. Rexnord® Low Friction Abrasion Resistant (DKA) Material is an advanced composite resin that combines good abrasion resistance with low coefficients of friction. It can be used in both wet and dry environments. The result is a conveyor chain that can be used in aggressive corrugated, folding carton and glass container handling applications, where the product debris is known to wear other materials prematurely.

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Rexnord HTX7748 MatTop Chain

Rexnord HTX7748 MatTop Chain is designed with smooth surface and 42 percent open area to support heat dissipation through cooling cycles. Our proprietary and specially engineered heat stable material is formulated to withstand heat to cooling cycles of heat tunnels, ensuring uniform cooling with mitigated oxidation. Additionally, it allows for easy release of materials, which means less scrap, more uptime and longer chain life.

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Rexnord Modular Nose-over bar Part S0905 Upgrade

Rexnord now offers Modular Nose-over bars for our 1500 Series MatTop Chain with profile in Rexnord ULF material. ULF material is a special formulation with self-lubricating additives. This ensures consistent low friction between the chain and nose-over. The modular design is offered in 6-inch, 170- and 255-millimeter widths. It is available to order and ship as of July 2016.

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Rexnord RBT and RBP Curve Profiles Available in ULF Material

Rexnord now offers guiding profiles used in RBT and RBP curves in Rexnord ULF material. ULF material is a special formulation with self-lubricating additives. This ensures consistent low friction between the chain and curve and results in long wear life and lower total cost of ownership.

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Rexnord 6992 HYB MatTop Chain

In applications with long runs or heavy loads, the Rexnord 6992 HYB MatTop Chain is recommended. In these applications in several cases, a perforated chain surface is required for an optimum effectiveness of the process performed in this area. A typical example of this is a water test application or test conveyors with a first motor start.

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