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Rexnord Classic Idlers Product Upgrade Sheet
Upgraded box quantities for Rexnord components
Rexnord 1275-1285 Series MatTop Chain Upgrade
Rexnord 390 Series MatTop Chain
Rexnord PSX 1873 RexAthletic Series Gripper Chain


Rexnord News and Events
Product Changee: A600 & A1400 Case Conveyor Chains

As part of a product rationalization strategy, it is decided that A600 and A1400 range is discontinued and replaced by the CC600 & CC1400 range

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Rexnord® Stainless Steel TableTop® Chains

Rexnord® is setting the new standard in Metal TableTop® chains. Main specification for these chains are: superior wear resistance that result in conveyor maintenance reduction. 60-Serie: High quality 60-series Stainless Steel TableTop® chain 60-Serie - HB High quality 60-series Stainless Steel TableTop® chain with Hardened Pins with improved wear resistance properties. 66-Serie - XHB Special 66-series Stainless Steel TableTop® with special hardened pins to offer superior wear resistance properties.

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RR/RRR 1000-belts

Rexnord®, MCC® and Marbett® product lines are frequently reviewed to ensure the best fit to the needs of our customers and to provide best value proposition. As part of a product rationalization strategy, it is decided that Starting 2nd of June: Narrow RR/RRR 1000-series MatTop.

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New ULF Material –Solutions for PET Air Conveyors by Rexnord

Rexnord FlatTop continuously develops new products for conveyors, but the current offering in the Rexnord®, MCC® and Marbett® product lines is also frequently reviewed: do these products still give the best fit to the needs of our customers and do they provide the best value for money? Therefore we have now decided to upgrade the new material ULF TM (brown red colour)

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Plastic TableTop® Gripper Chains K325 and K450

Rexnord FlatTop introduces new version of gripper chains with width of 3.25” (82,5mm) and 4.50” (114,3mm). These new products are the answer to the need for more compact design of conveyors. These chains will take advantage from HP™ and PS™ material to improve low friction properties as well as high speed capability.

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new 1700 and 1720 Series

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Stifrol TM

New Generation of Roller Guides

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Obsolete chains

45 S 31 M - 45 S 42 M

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Product upgrade

SSR/SSX/SSY 812 steel chains are obsolete

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880 TAB

Introduction sheet

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