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Rexnord® Premium Service
Minimize Downtime and Reduce Cost
Many customers using Rexnord TableTop® and MatTop® products are interested in how to increase their chain life and determine when it is time to replace chains. Rexnord Premium Service provides our customers with tools to identify all Rexnord products for each conveyor application including quantities and condition check of each chain, belt, sprocket or curve. This beneficial service will guide customers in preventive maintenance, reduce chain replacement cost and guarantee that the correct items and quantities are in stock in the event of emergency breakdowns.

Premium Service Results in Reduction of Maintenance Cost
The benefit of Rexnord Premium Service is reduction of maintenance cost by identifying an optimum chain replacement point for each conveyor. This means that conveyor chains are not replaced unnecessarily helping to reduce chain replacement cost. Furthermore, it is possible to avoid chains that are replaced late avoiding the cost of unscheduled downtime.

Plant Survey to Identify Rexnord Conveyor Components
The initial survey includes identification of all Rexnord conveyor chains and accessories (sprockets, idlers and corner tracks). All information is linked to the conveyor motor number which is used as the location reference on your line.

Wear Status Check-up
During the plant survey, the wear status of all Rexnord components (chains, belts, sprockets, idlers, curves) is checked. The wear status check up can be followed up on an annual basis. Our experienced application engineers will evaluate the status of all the conveyor chains and components and the data will be updated online.

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