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Rexnord 1275-1285 Series MatTop Chain Upgrade
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Are you a motivated specialist, leader or production operator and are you looking for a fascinating and innovative company where you can put your talents to their full use? It's time to boost your career at Rexnord FlatTop. We can bring out the true professional in you. With interesting training courses, excellent career guidance and many other ways to develop yourself.

New experiences
At Rexnord FlatTop, we are very aware that much of our success is due to our employees. We therefore believe very strongly in the need for our people to feel involved in the organisation and to have opportunities for growth. And that is why you too can take on challenging new positions at Rexnord FlatTop. In your own field, but possibly also outside of it. Are you just as ambitious as us and do you enjoy new experiences? There's a great career waiting for you at Rexnord FlatTop!
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