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Engineered Sustainability by Rexnord
What is Engineered Sustainability? Sustainability is the capacity to endure. Engineered Sustainability™ by Rexnord is a product program to help you design durable conveyor systems with components that guarantee optimal product handling without compromising the ability to meet targets on safety improvement, increased productivity, water reduction and energy savings.

Maximize Safety
In any working environment, safety comes first. In the beverage filling industry, potential safety hazards on production lines include: slippery floors, high noise levels and excessive high-speed moving parts in machinery and on conveyors. Rexnord’s Engineered Sustainability program will help you improve conveyor system safety with products that require no external lubrication and feature closed chain surfaces for minimized noise levels.

Optimize Productivity
Conveyors have become the critical connection between machines providing optimal product fl ow and the required buffering capacity. Reliability and durability of the conveyor components determine total uptime and cost to keep the line performance at required levels. Rexnord’s Engineered Sustainability program will help you upgrade your conveyors to increase productivity by using state-of-the-art designs and materials for the chains and components.

Minimize Water
Conveyor systems in high-speed beverage filling lines traditionally use a lot of water for external lubrication (required for low-friction and constant cooling of high-speed corner tracks). Rexnord’s Engineered Sustainability program will help you reduce the need for external lubrication and additional waste water collecting on your equipment, with products that are suitable for “dry running” at high-speeds.

Reduce Energy
An average beverage filling and packaging line typically contains around 80 -100 conveyors that have individual drives. The required power to drive each conveyor is determined by factors such as: weight, conveyor layout and friction between various contact surfaces. Rexnord’s Engineered Sustainability program will help you with state-of-the-art material combinations to provide the lowest friction at a constant level, resulting in direct energy saving on each conveyor.

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