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Rexnord MatTop® chain for Pasteurizers, Warmers & Coolers
Successful processing in tunnel pasteurizers, warmers and coolers requires highly reliable, controlled conveying through the tunnel pasteurizer, and smooth container transfers at the infeed and outfeed. To have the highest conveying chain reliability, to eliminate product waste from tipped or broken containers, and to achieve durable conveying performance, Rexnord’s 2000-series USP MatTop® chain and the Rexnord’s 9200 series Fortrex™ Stainless Steel MatTop® Chain are specifically designed for superior performance in the demanding environment of pasteurizers, warmers and coolers.

DTS-C Dynamic In- and Outfeed Transfer
DTS-C patented by Rexnord combines special transfer combs and in/outfeed chains to the main Rexnord Pasteurizer belt for full self clearing transfers. This eliminates the dead plate area and ensures a continuous product flow eliminating back line pressure and potential product damage.

USP Ultra Stabilized Polypropylene Material
USP material is a unique formulation of stabilizers and anti-oxidants which protects the chain’s polypropylene material from degradation due to heat and/or chemicals. The USP material increases the reliability throughout the chain life cycle and helps to avoid the risk of unscheduled downtime.

PosiTrack™ centre guides
Patented integrated center guiding lugs ensure optimum chain tracking and keeps the chain sides from touching the tunnel structure, and eliminates the need to lock sprockets on the shaft.


Rexnord product



2000 Series MatTop® Chains

Can warmer with 2000 raised rib belt and DTS-C transfer

Rexnord product



9200 Series Fortrex™ MatTop® Chains

Fortrex™ 9227 belt in a food tunnel pasteurizer

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